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Waterfront Marquette County

If you want to see options for waterfront in Marquette County, we can show you a list. These properties sit on the southern shores of Lake Superior in places like Keweenaw Bay, Marquette Bay, Buffalo Lake, Puckaway Lake, McGinnis Lake, and White Lake Beach, to name a few. This includes properties of all types and for all purposes, such as residential, commercial, and investment.

We’ll look at single-family homes, condos, townhomes, and land as you wish. This means raw land for camping and vacant lots in subdivisions. They offer access to great fishing, boating, and other water activities. Some are situated up and down S. Lakeshore Blvd., and Front St. There are a few further options that offer the view and the access but aren’t directly on the water.

We’ll show you every option so you can decide which ones work for your needs, budget, and lifestyle. One additional consideration is the multifamily property if you’re looking for an investment property. These are a little more expensive because they’ve already been fixed up. As a result, you could have short and long-term renters in there right away. On the other hand, feel free to leave one unit open for yourself. This could be a great way to retire.

To learn more about the waterfront in Marquette County that awaits you, set up your free consultation. It’s our pleasure to discuss everything that appeals to you and to help you match the suitable properties for your goals. Let us know if you have other ideas or want our help prequalifying you for the purchase. Once we see your budget for down payment and financing, this focuses the search on properties in your budget.

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